Prior to Appointment

  • Stop all topical steroid application to site of patch placement 2 weeks prior to testing 

  • If applicable shave upper backs and do not apply moisturizer or lotion to the area.  

  • Do not go tanning for 2 weeks.

  • No oral steroids within 2 weeks of testing

  • OK to continue antihistamines

What to Expect at Appointments? 

  • Monday - Patches will be placed by clinical staff

  • Wednesday - Patches are removed and read by clinical staff

  • Friday - Provider does second reading and discusses results.

Post Patch Placement

  • Keep the panel and skin around the panels dry. This means no showering until after your final appointment and no physical activities that may cause sweating.

  • Have a family member or other person check the site of patch placement to ensure they are still adhered to skin between Mon/Wed visits; have them re-draw with permanent marker around the patches if the marker outlines are fading at all between Wed/ Fri visits